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5th February 2024

me before and after le hecklin corn syrup (joke article)

3rd January 2024

steam will stop running on windows 7 in 0 days-ACK!

1st January 2024

happy new year! (seizure warning)

29 December 2023

I HATE THE ANTICHRIST! aka: electron (rant)

18 December 2023

should i (me) use loonix?

9 December 2023

why swag is a superior word to slay (joke article)

14 November 2023

my epic windows 7 setup (joke article)

windows rant (unfinished)

19 September 2023

my legacy doesn't matter!

18 September 2023

downloading soundcloud music with yt-dlp

18 August 2023

nightwalks are cool

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