nightwalks are cool

18 August 2023 (First Blog)

I think I've finally been able to kinda understand why I personally enjoy nightwalks so much. I think it has to do partially with the autonomy I feel when I'm out alone on the streets.

You don't have any school or workplace or parents telling you exactly where you need to be at a certain time in a certain outfit. It's entirely my choice whether to say, go down an alleyway or through a strip of shops or wander aimlessly in my suburb's streets.

I also like the feeling of being on my own, but not entirely alone. Going around 8 - 10 pm (at least during winter) gives me the best vibes. It's quiet, but still lively. Most businesses are closed, but many haven't yet. There's people wrapping up their days and night owls who well, aren't. But my nightwalks aren't usually entirely consisting of walking through shopping strips.

Sometimes nightwalks can get a bit frightening. When you really are on your own. With nothing but yourself around to keep yourself safe. For some reason I don't even mind this feeling that much. Being this isolated from anyone (at least outside) does almost make me feel like i own the space I'm in. As there's no person who'll be watching me walk or sit while talking to myself.

Here's a nice picture I took that has I think has some real atmosphere to it.

click the preview to view the full image