my legacy doesn't matter!

i'm not all too worried about death. after all, every time that you fall asleep, you get a taste of what it's like to be dead; nothing. being dead is entirely neutral. no feelings, no thoughts, no nothing. this is why i'm not too concerned about my legacy. i'll be too fucking dead to care. so why should i exactly care?

people will eventually forget about me anyways. it's a win for me if people appreciate me for at least the rest of my life. of course it'd be nice for me to have a long living legacy, but those desires will evaporate as soon as i cease to breathe. so those desires aren't all too important. it's only what you'll be able to witness or experience in your lifetime that matters.

overall, i generally only tend to care about things that may occur within my lifetime. the far future is just not worth worrying about.