why bother?

(this is satiricing the nihlism across the personal web.)

every day, i lie in my bed, i lie in my bed for a while due to me forgetting to put the heating on. i'm so fucking forgetful. at least alt girls find forgetfulness cute. that's why i never bothered to improve my memory.

i ponder the point of life. of which i always reach the same conclusion: there is no point. this makes me incredibly suicidal. i have to distract myself with jerma clips on my cracked iphone 6s 16gb running ios 15.7.1 to not reach for my razor and start cutting. i then throw that phone at the wall (like that one scene in hasbin hotel) and cry... and i cry a ton...

i reflect on my poor descision to purchase an iphone 6s 16gb running ios 15.7.1 instead of buying a pixel 2 and putting graphineos on it to feel safe from big corpos exploiting my hecklin data.

today, i decided to create this diagram to affirm my neet lifestyle. here it is:

i can't explain how cruel and sick this world is. this blog is all i have...AND IT ONLY GETS 5 VIEWS A DAY :((((((((((((((99