downloading soundcloud music with yt-dlp

ok so if u wanna download music off soundcloud then well, here's how to do it and how to get the best resulting audio file possible.

step 1

go download yt-dlp if u haven't already:

Release version

step 2

note: if ur on windows you probably need to be in the directory of yt-dlp or specify the directory it's in.

run yt-dlp (link to the soundcloud song) --list-formats.

you'll get a list of all the formats available. here's what it should look like:

step 3

run yt-dlp (link to the soundcloud song) -f (ID or the name of the format you wanna use)

step 4

enjoy ur music. it'll be in the directory you're currently in

this is just a short 'n simple guide for people who don't know much about yt-dlp. if u wanna learn more then idk there's good documentation somewhere.