I HATE THE ANTICHRIST! aka: electron


if you were to ask me why computing has fallen and why b i l l i o n s m u s t d o w n g r a d e t o w i n d o w s 7 or 7-era software or something or whatever, one of the biggest reasons why would be due to the absolute curse on people's hard drive and system memory known as electron apps.

these pieces of "software" are basically a locally-stored web app being run under an ENTIRE embedded version of chromium, minus it's built-in ui. the biggest and most obvious short coming of these is the RESOURCE USAGE. my of my, the RESOURCE USAGE. an electron app will consume almost as much memory as a chromium-based browser with nothing but a single tab with one website open. this becomes a massive issue when you have multiple electron apps open. since they can consume over 500mb of ram if they're bloated enough, they can bring a low-ram system to it's knees.

it seems like the developers who use electron just expect their users to be using insanely powerful hardware like them such as the i149-123981038102KYS or something idk and like 2 TB of ram. all of which being used up by electron apps and windows itself

to end this rant, i'd like to say that not all electron apps are total dogshit. most if all of this website was built using vscodium. which is built upon electron. it's actually pretty decent for general purpose development. though i will say that specialized ides made for only a handful of programming / scripting / markup languages do often beat it out in terms of features.

tldr: i'm pissed off that my memory usage looks like this due to a bunch of glorified web browsers running at once on my system.

totally real memory usage