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to yet another corner of the internet! this one being dight's / splashy's / whatever other random nickname i've used. this is my personal site that will probably be used for journalling, documenting my creative output and otherwise fucking around with website development. please keep in mind that this newer website of mine is new. so it's layout may change drastically as i get better with html and css.

who the fuck am i???

i'm a lazy, retarded summerfag NERDDDD computer hobbyist (omg just like lain!1111111!) with a low will to live and a PHD in psudo philosophy

my hobbies

i really like technology. as is pretty clear due to the fact that this is a website i made myself. i also build and tinker with computers. i also like biking (not just for off-roading or whatever but also for commuting). writing is another thing i like to do. mostly journalling and blogging. but i also like writing opinion pieces. lastly, i like surf and ocean beaches. they're fun asf to attempt to bodysurf.

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